In our 2019 Marketing Operations Maturity Benchmarking Report, we look at what businesses have achieved in marketing operations and where there is room to develop. As we’ll see throughout these findings, top performing companies rely on MOPS to provide the foundation from which the rest of the marketing division can operate.

To find out more about the most significant marketing operations benchmarks, what’s keeping your peers awake at night and how companies are addressing the challenges, read our 2019 Marketing Operations Maturity Benchmarking report.

Key insights from our report:
• Only 39% of mainstream companies report having strong processes to help identify the technologies necessary to their marketing goals. This is remarkable in a phase of marketing development that is so strongly linked to customer data and real-time response.
Less than one in ten mainstream companies can predict revenue with a high degree of accuracy based on their funnel management process. Even when we include those companies that say they are “mostly” able to do this, the figure only rises to 38%.
• Only about two in five mainstream respondents give a positive evaluation of the knowledge and skills required to support MOPs functions.

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Key steps to accelerate your marketing operations maturity

Leadership Driven Change

Our top performing companies are more than 5 times as likely to say that their marketing leadership is highly effective in defining and implementing change management.

Cross-Functional Collaboration

Climb those silo walls! More than half of mainstream respondents give their organization poor marks for MOPS ability to work with stakeholders outside of marketing.

Prioritized Data Management

High growth companies provide sufficient analyst resource to address questions; trust in the data produced and used by marketing; and support data sharing for collaboration and learning.