About us

Let's face it, marketing automation is a rapidly maturing market and there are many businesses like ours focused on supporting your marketing team operationally to drive performance. When we decided to start Sojourn Solutions our differentiator was clear to us from the outset:

We won’t compromise.

Which means, we will do everything we can to make our work together fulfilling. We won’t fob you off with junior staff or cut corners to get to invoicing faster. We will do the right thing. For you.

What guides us

Integrity is everything to us. We work with each client to deliver a solution of which we can all be proud. It’s what gets us out of bed every morning.

If it’s a cookie cutter approach – you can bet they will be the best cookies you have ever tasted.

If it’s bespoke and complex – we will shoulder the pain and make it look easy.

If it’s a repeatable process – we will teach you how.

If it’s new to us all – we will learn together.

Together we can.

We are guided by our principles to ensure each and everyone of us delivers a superior and happy experience:

  • We believe that our best work is done when we work together in partnership with our clients.
  • We love to share what we know and learn as we go.
  • No two problems are ever identical. It’s a journey.
  • We can guide you, teach you or create for you.
  • We work with speed and efficiency.
  • Experience and expertise is what you buy.
  • Your success is our benchmark for success.

Meet Our Team

Emily Bennett

Emily Bennett

12 years of experience with marketing automation implementations and integration.

Rebecca Le Grange

Rebecca Le Grange

11 years of experience with marketing automation and marketing operations.

Adam Mitrosz

Adam Mitrosz

12 years experience with web development and marketing automation.

Dan Vawter

Dan Vawter

17 years experience with marketing automation and marketing data analytics.

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