3 Power uses for Eloqua page tags – and introducing, PageBot

By Sue Wieberg

Eloqua page tags allow you to categorize a group of pages on your website to gain more valuable tracking, segmentation, and reporting. Many times, this is an overlooked and underutilized area of Eloqua. There are some pretty cool things you can do with page tags. Let’s review the top 3…

1. Implied Segmentation
I have spoken with many marketers that just don’t have a lot of “area of interest” data on prospects and customers in their database. Why not use page tags to help resolve this? It’s easy.  You can create a page tag for each of your products and/or services. Next, you build some shared filters in a program to determine if a record (prospect / customer) had visited those pages and if they had, it will update a field or add them to a group. This segmentation can be used in future campaigns to send more relevant communications and thus, improve your campaign results.

2. Dynamic Content
You can also use page tag data to drive dynamic content. For example, let’s say you had a series of page tags for each product and/or service your company offers. The program I described above will update a product/service field on the contact record. That data can then be used to drive dynamic content about the product and/or service the prospect has shown interest for in future communications, and thus improving the customer journey by serving relevant information.


3. Lead Scoring
Most of us are familiar with page tags and how they can be used in scoring. Remember HVWC (High Value Web Content)?  These are pages that the Marketing and Sales team have identified as being more valuable than other pages. You probably set this up during your initial lead scoring implementation. When was the last time you visited your HVWC page tags? Now would be a good time to make some updates and fully harness the power of lead scoring through page tags, and (yes, I am going to do it again) thus ensuring sales and marketing know who to call and who to nurture.


How am I going to tag all those pages?

If our top 3 power uses for page tags has convinced you to get tagging – but you have just realised that is a lot of pages and it is nearly the holiday season…. Let us help. Sojourn Solution’s Java-based Web PageBot scans ALL of your web pages on ALL of your websites and identifies the pages that fall into different categories or keywords. The result is a spreadsheet that you can review, manually edit as needed, and then easily uploaded back into Eloqua. Way easier than going through each site map and identifying pages one by one!

Hi, I’m PageBot. I can tag your pages at light-speed!

Page Tags + PageBot = Segmentation, Personalization = Modern Marketing
Make sure you leverage page tags, and don’t stress over the work you think it might take – PageBot can do the work – page tags are an easy marketing hack that will lift your marketing campaigns to the next level of sophistication.

Contact us to get started tagging.

Sue Wieberg

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Sue Wieberg

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