8 Areas to review – Oracle changes Eloqua interface yet again

By Maria Shull

Are you “old-school”? When you were growing up, did you watch the Brady Bunch? You might remember when Peter Brady sang, “When it’s time to change, you’ve got to rearrange…” along with his siblings harmonizing, “Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na… Na Na Na Na Na! “ OR…maybe that’s a TV moment you choose NOT to remember.

I’m sure many Eloqua users are already aware of this imminent change, but if you ARE “old-school” like me and have been using the original Application Setup navigation, it’s time we face the music. The upgrade of the nav beyond the Setup area is set to hit October, 2016 and will be rolled out across all clients between the 11th and 23rd. So we all better be ready! We hope this blog post helps you prepare.

8 Key Navigation highlights:

  1. Setup View – it’s all new

 Your Setup view now


 Your new Setup view


2. Top Navigation bar changes with items moved around under the drop-down menus:

  • Campaigns are now within the new Orchestration tab
  • Contacts are now in the new Audience tab


3. Here’s a look at the revised drop-downs under the Top Navigation bar options:


1. Campaign
2. Toolsa. Program Builder
b. Campaign Settings


1. Emails
2. Landing Pages
3. Forms
4. Components

a. Images
b. Filestone
c. Hyperlinks
d. Shared Content
e. Dynamic Content
f. Field Merge
g. Email Header
h. Email Footer
i. Signature Layout

5. Email Setup

a. Signatures
b. Email Groups
c. Email Batch Control
d. Master Exclude List

6. Website Setup

a. Redirect Links
b. Microsites
c. Tracking
d. Visitor Profiles
e. Page Tagging
f. Query Strings
g. Web Data Lookup


1. Contacts
2. Accounts
3. Custom Objects
4. Segments
5. Lead Scoring
6. Toolsa. Shared Filters
b. Shared Lists
c. Account Group
d. Account Linkage
e. Form Update Rules
f. Data Export and Import

A spreadsheet view of the Navigation changes is located in the Eloqua Help Center.

Highlight=Oracle Eloqua Release Highlights/Oracle Eloqua Navigation Changes

4. And if that wasn’t enough, let’s take a look at Campaign Canvas Enhancements:

 Your old view


 Your new view


5. The icons for the Step buttons have changed as have the location of the Action buttons. The Action button has been replaced with File, Actions, and Settings drop-down menus.



a. New
b. Open
c. Save
d. Save As
e. Save As Template
f. Delete
g. Close


a. Verify
b. Upload External Activities
c. Show All Steps (we recommend selecting this so you can see all the items spelled out)
d. Reset Favorites


a. Campaign Settings
b. Campaign Fields
c. Permissions

6.  The left side palette has introduced Favorites, allowing each user to customize which steps are displayed in their view. You’ll just click the gray triangle next to Campaign Steps to see them.


7. A new Campaign Settings Dashboard on the right side of the canvas now stores the following: Campaign Settings, Apps, and Reporting but you only see Apps and Reporting after the Campaign has been activated:


8. There is an all new Verify button. On the top right, we used to only see Save or Activate. Now, we also see a Verify button which allows you to check your campaign for validation errors before you activate it:


All of these changes are detailed in the Oracle Eloqua Help Center.

I’m confident that before long, these changes will become second nature for all of us! In fact, I bet we will come across old training videos or docs and wonder how we ever worked with the “old” legacy interface in the first place.

Feel free to reach out to us for help.

About the author:

Maria Shull

Marketing Automation Consultant