Big change coming soon to Eloqua Pod 1 & Pod 2 clients

By Sue Wieberg and Damian Szajnar

Recently, Oracle announced that Pod 1 and Pod 2 clients will need to update application URLs to new URLs by this coming Fall (2016). After the expiration dates, any calls that use the old URLs will no longer work. Many folks that I talk to about this realize this could have a huge impact, but aren’t exactly sure what it means.

When is this happening?

Oracle has just announced that they are delaying this change indefinitely. That’s right, the original deadlines of November 18, 2016 for Pod 1 and December 11, 2016 for Pod 2 have been extended.

BUT, you should still make plans to change these URLs as Oracle will eventually implement the URL standardization though we have no idea when. We’re happy to help use our automated solution to do this for you.

Where are these URLs used?

  • The “action” in the form tag on the landing page e.g. form action – like″></form
  • Redirect links on landing pages, JavaScript, CSS and emails – like or
  • Web data lookups that are used on landing pages or JavaScript – like or
  • Eloqua tracking scripts
  • API applications
  • Any webpages not hosted in Eloqua that may use, or post data to Eloqua.

What URLs are impacted?

Pod 01 changes to changes to changes to changes to

Pod 02 changes to changes to changes to changes to

Why is this happening?

This is due to a change Oracle made back in Fall 2015. They changed the application URLs for Pod 1 and Pod 2 to align with other Eloqua pods. They decided that they would not be renewing the old certificates for (Pod 1) and (for Pod 2).

How we can help

While there is a potential for multiple types of assets and functionality to be impacted it’s also completely possible that you may be on Pod 01 or Pod 02 and not use any of these URLs. The task of checking every landing page, JavaScript, CSS, etc may seem overwhelming. Have no fear! Your plans to make your own Halloween costume and watch football have not been replaced by tediously checking HTML, CSS and JavaScript code! Our team at Sojourn Solutions has a great data tool that can easily scour your Eloqua assets as well as web pages hosted outside of Eloqua and quickly identify where these old URLs are being used.

Sojourn will perform the following tasks:

  1. Crawl all Eloqua assets and web pages hosted inside and outside of Eloqua
  2. Produce a report that identifies locations of old URLs associated with previous POD configurations
  3. Replace old URLs with new proper URLs on internally (Eloqua) hosted pages
  4. Replace old URLs with new proper URLs on externally hosted pages as directed

Timeline? A few days. Cost? About $3000

Need some help? Give us a shout!

Sue Wieberg

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Sue Wieberg

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