Big Eloqua Changes – are you ready?

By Karin Pindle

Oracle has some big changes coming soon to Eloqua! We want to make sure you are in-the-know about these changes:

New UI?! O MY! Want to play with the new UI now? Just submit a Service Request with Oracle Support and it can be enabled on a user-by-user basis. And fear not, you can switch back and forth between the current and new UIs.

We have been playing around with the new UI in our own Eloqua instance. It’s slick! It’s built on the Oracle platform, responsive, more intuitive than the current interface, and doesn’t require you to do anything to upgrade. It’ll just be there when you login in February (depending on which POD you’re on). Happy love day to you from Oracle! ♥

Also, are you preparing for Oracle doing away with Cloud Connectors and Cloud Components this year? We hope so! No one wants to have a campaign interrupted and contacts mis-marketed to because of this big change. Here’s the low-down on this big change…

After July 1, 2016, you won’t be able to add new or pre-existing Cloud Connectors or Components to your Campaign Canvases or Landing Pages. So you need to learn what you can do and how to do it. Then, after December 31, 2016, any existing Cloud Connectors and Components you already are using on Campaigns and Landing Pages will STOP WORKING. So you will need to come up with a different solution well before then.

Need help keeping your Eloqua humming through all these changes? We, at Sojourn Solutions, would be happy to help. Who the hay is Sojourn Solutions? Read our brief Overview to learn more. Our team members have been helping Eloqua customers since 2005. Contact us at or to continue the conversation.

About the author:

Karin Pindle

Senior Marketing Automation Consultant and Guide