Build rock-solid responsive emails for Eloqua – Email Builder

By Adam Mitrosz

Sometimes, it would be nice if it just worked when you needed it to.
‘I just need to get this email out’, should be simple. After all, that’s what templates are for, right?

Listening to our clients, we hear frustration. Responsive email templates have become a bit of a hindrance, because when you make changes to the template, it doesn’t withstand the rigours of testing within the various email clients. Trying to work out what’s broken and get it fixed if you are not technical, and hence why you are using templates in the first place, is painful.

In the true spirit of Sojourn, we decided to look for a solution. We’ve got huge amounts of experience building responsive emails that are rock-solid – because we can’t bear the frustration of them breaking in Outlook either! Applying this to our platform experience with Eloqua and voila! We have Email Builder.

Email Builder has been built for non-technical marketers and marketing automation administrators. It’s drag-and-drop, WYSIWYG – all the magic happens in the background – making your email beautifully responsive. You can create emails from scratch, or edit one of the templates. And, before you ask, no you can’t upload your own HTML template to edit – it doesn’t quite work like that. But now you are probably thinking, ‘but we’ve already invested in getting our templates designed and coded, we don’t want to do it again!’ Fair point. We did a test. We took a complex responsive email that we built from scratch 12 months ago for a client, it included testing time and edits. It took us 22 hours in total. We rebuilt this email from scratch in Email Builder in just 45 minutes.

We can’t promise you such a fast turnaround on day one, but we are confident that you will be able to build rock-solid, responsive emails in minutes and hours – not days and your frustration levels will be significantly reduced!

Now, what’s next? Data problems anyone?

About the author:

Adam Mitrosz

Managing Partner