Extract the hard to reach data from Eloqua with Data Assistant

By Dan Vawter

Have you ever thought about pulling a new report and then found that you can’t extract the data you need to make it happen? It’s annoying, isn’t it? All marketers are looking for those nuggets of insight that will make the difference and open up a wealth of opportunity. But, the sad truth is, sometimes, we just don’t have the skillsets, the time or the stamina to seek the expertise of the IT department or extract the data ourselves. So, we go without or create manual workarounds.

The team at Sojourn live within Eloqua, Salesforce and Oracle CRM On Demand. We help clients every day with requests to access data and reports, and we see first hand the labor-intensive workarounds that are consuming vast amounts of time and effort every week.

At Sojourn, our ethos is to use our skills and experience to create better experiences for our clients. So, witnessing frustration, we explored the problem and created a solution – Data Assistant.

Data Assistant lets you extract the hard to reach data from Eloqua. Yes, you. Not the IT department. You. So, it doesn’t matter if you have just started working in marketing or if you have a PHD in data science. All your data is accessible. Add this to the vast amount of reports and data you can already extract from Eloqua, and you will be in data clover. What’s more, we also give you Data Assistant for Salesforce or Oracle CRM On Demand.

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Dan Vawter, Managing Partner Sojourn Solutions

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Dan Vawter

Managing Partner