A Modern Marketer’s 2017 New Year Resolutions

By Sojourn Solutions Managing Partners

I, Marketing Automation User, resolve in 2017 to:

  1. Conduct an accurate Marketing Automation Assessment to determine how well I am using Marketing Automation to attain my marketing goals and ascertain what I should do next to maximize my Marketing Automation platform’s capabilities
  2. Grade my Marketing Database Quality to see just how bad (or good) it is so I know what I need to do to make it 100% useful for personalization, segmentation and scoring
  3. Institute a continuous Database Quality Management program that eliminates arduous one-time, random, clean-up projects and keeps it clean and accurate on a daily basis
  4. Produce reports and dashboards on Marketing’s REAL Contribution to Revenue – include all data from Marketing Automation, CRM, web analytics, sales activities and everything else that contributes to generating leads and closing opportunities
  5. Identify the REAL Personas that drive revenue for my products and services – produce an objective, data-driven analysis of who buys and who recommends, and why
  6. Integrate Marketing Automation with my company’s financial, sales, loyalty, product/service purchase data and any other data inside and outside of my organization, so I can accurately and easily personalize and segment
  7. Execute a plan that will finally enable Sales & Marketing Alignment
  8. Provide my sales team with Marketing Automation Sales Enablement Tools that make a rep’s job easier and provides me with the feedback that I need to ensure lead follow-up as well as measure the quality of my MQLs
  9. Eliminate expensive developers and agencies and produce Responsive Emails and Landing Pages myself without code using Email Builder so I can get my campaigns out when I want
  10. Tag with scripts all 100s or 1000s of my web pages and sites in my company’s portfolio with PageBot so I can track any and all interest in my products and services – and keep them that way every day without spending days and weeks of effort
  11. Create Nurturing and Scoring programs that work based on best practices and expertise
  12. Create a Lead Lean-Mean-Generation-Machine – a fine-tuned, systematic, Marketing Automation/CRM-enabled, website and social media supported, telephone call supplemented, people/process/technology-integrated engine that generates quality leads for my sales reps and makes them love me

Did we miss anything? What are your Modern Marketing New Year’s Resolutions, and how will you accomplish them?