Sojourn Solutions’ Top 10 Blogs of 2017

By Kristin Connell

I’ve compiled our Top 10 most viewed blogs in 2017, brought to you by the friendly dashboards of Google Analytics. I am counting down from 10 to 1, partly to build-up the suspense but mostly because I’m a marketing nerd experimenting with content that encourages visitors to scroll to the bottom of the page. Let the countdown begin!

#10GDPR: What it means for B2B marketers
It’s no surprise that our first GDPR blog of 2017 made this list as it focuses on a critical conversation B2B marketers should be having now to be ready by the deadline of May 25, 2018. Is it too late? No – but you’re starting the race behind the pack. Need help to catch up? We can help.

Next, the 9th most popular post of the year…

#9 –  10 top preference center best practices and how to get started

I lead most of my customer conversations about preference centers with “You only get one chance to make a first impression.”. Is your preference center aligned with your customer experience?

Coming in at #8Which came first, the customer or the martech?

The best thing about this post – besides being able to spotlight the #Martech5000 landscape – was the opportunity to talk to three industry-recognized B2B marketing leaders. Big shout-out to Gail Ballantyne, Marilyn Cox and Paul Stevenson for sharing their finely-tuned insights!

Coming in at #7Going to Modern Marketing Experience? #MME

Several of us at Sojourn Solutions were at the very first “Eloqua Experience,” and have continued to enjoy the evolution of the experience over the years, especially when our customers are recognized for all their hard work!

#610 tips for maintaining data quality

Data quality is a topic near and dear to my heart, but it can be a HUGE pain! Don’t blame it on the data – the pain falls to us humans to manage. The first tip in our blog – Be accountable – is critical in data management. If your data management style is “Everyone is accountable for our data,” then we need to talk. In enterprise organizations, I typically recommend a Data Governance Team using a cross-functional approach. I’m not just talking – I’ve walked this talk and it works.

Coming in at #55 key factors for nurture campaign reporting

Yes, you can build and launch nurture campaigns without first addressing your reporting objectives. However, I strongly discourage that approach. Instead, begin with the end in mind. Just as was stated in the first consideration in this post, you should plan your reporting in your nurture design phase.

Coming in at #4Why direct mail automation is a must-have tool for digital marketers

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results. Why do I say this? Because most of us are so focused on email (design, deliverability, engagement, conversion, etc…) we tend to lose sight of the option to leverage other channels, such as direct mail automation.  We’ve partnered with PFL to help our customers to think outside the inbox to inside the mailbox.

#3Personas – are they really worth the effort?

“So, the question is; does your marketing serve your customers well or are you guilty of one-size-fits-all content that delights no one?” As B2B marketers, we know better than most how much “noise” is out there – don’t contribute to it, instead, consider waging a war against it for the greater good of your pipeline growth.  And revenue impact. And customer satisfaction. And world peace.

Coming in at #24 steps to Eloqua form sharing and modern marketing happiness

“I don’t want modern marketing happiness” said no marketer ever! Our #2 most viewed post of 2017 drills into what it takes to take your Eloqua form game to the next level – straight from the brain of long-time marketing automation guide herself, Karin “KP” Pindle.

And the #1 post of the year is…

2 ways to avoid Spamhaus blacklisting

This post was far and away our most viewed post in 2017 and to that we say – thank goodness! We hope that our best practice recommendation of using both CAPTCHA and a confirmed opt-in process helped you to avoid being blacklisted by Spamhaus and/or similar organizations. Did you miss our top blog the first time around? Check it out now!

Thanks for all your support in 2017 – our audience really motivates us to be creative and very often our blogs stem from YOUR ideas. We ask you answer, we research then publish. What a team!

Here’s to creating even better, more helpful content in 2018 – and remember, we’re always open to requests, just email me to get started. Cheers!

About the author:

Kristin considers herself an entrepreneur at heart. She loves trying new things and taking educated risks on new ventures, both professionally and in her personal life. Kristin brings that passion to work every day where she enjoys helping her customers and colleagues discover the power of innovation at the intersection of marketing, technology, and the customer experience. Last, but not least, Kristin and her husband have two madly amazing children and a Toto dog.

Kristin Connell

Director of Growth Marketing