When you inherit a Marketing Automation platform…

By Lisa Milligan

Ten questions to ask plus one more for good measure

So you’ve inherited a shiny marketing automation platform. Question is, now what? Well that depends…

Some key tactical questions to ask as you get to know the platform:

  • How long has it been used for MA purposes?
  • How many people are actively using the platform, and of those, truly understand its capabilities?
  • Is the tool simply being used as an email batch and blast, or are there also multi-touch, big campaigns running?
  • Is there integration with a CRM tool or other ‘system of record’ for lead generation and lead management purposes?
  • How much does the tool cost and does that align with the current budget?
  • How are sales and marketing using the metrics/reports provided?
  • Is the tool being used to the fullest extent of its capabilities with a clear understanding of what it has to offer? (i.e., what may look like a shiny piece of glass could really be a diamond, and you just don’t know it yet)
  • Does the tool have reporting functionality which aligns to your team’s overall demand generation goals?Without flexible reporting options, as well as the framework to support it, it’s hard to tell the story of any results, whether those are great or not so great. And of course, making the case to keep or migrate away from a tool is best made with a data-driven approach.

In addition to the above, consider the following from a strategic perspective:

  • Does the platform help to achieve your demand generation initiatives?
  • Can you accomplish your company’s marketing campaign goals for the next quarter, half, fiscal year?
  • What is your current and expected ROMI using the tool?

Asking these questions (and others that you may come up with as you go along), will help to determine if your company should continue using the current MA tool or consider migrating to another.

That said, sometimes the inclination is to start over, regardless of what investments have already been made. You may have experience with a different MA tool and want to slip on that comfortable old pair of shoes versus breaking in a new pair, blisters and all.

This is where we can help. With experience across multiple platforms and tool implementations, we are happy to be that trusted advisor to determine if the inherited MA tool is right for your company or if it’s time for a new solution. Contact us at hello@sojournsolutions.com or https://sojournsolutions.com/contact to continue the conversation.

P.S. For more on feature/function comparisons for MA tools check out https://www.g2crowd.com/categories/marketing-automation for an insightful solution overview.

About the author:

Lisa Milligan

Marketing Automation Consultant