When this Global Mobile Network Operator decided to rebuild its marketing ecosystem for enterprise customers, the scope of the endeavor was to be challenge from the start. With multi-national customers at the core, and relationships across territories and business units, the system had to not only support ‘business as usual’ but also, re-architect processes to match the customer journey, and feed leads accurately to the right teams at the right time.
Sojourn Solutions, as the lead Eloqua consultants, provided a full suite of services, from strategy to hands-on implementation.

The Challenge

This team’s perennial problem was how to accurately quantify or prove marketing’s contribution to revenue. Poor visibility of what campaigns were or were not working, alongside poor alignment with sales, meant that the business confidence in marketing was low. As a consequence, marketing investment was not forthcoming.

The Solution

Sojourn Solutions had been working in close partnership with this client for a number of years. We utilized our full range of skills and expertise to build a deep understanding of the client’s infrastructure, social politics and customer base. We are able to make constructive and useful recommendations that fit the business needs of both today and tomorrow.

Sojourn Solutions provided strategic consultation to help our client understand which areas to prioritize and focus on; making both organizational and structural recommendations.


Firstly, our attention was on the marketing database and how to work with what the client already had in order to best support their marketing initiatives. After we ran our standardization and integration assessments, our analysis identified where new data was required in order to meet the targeting objectives that had been set, and subsequently make recommendations on what to fix.

Lead Scoring & Management

This was identified as a priority, because it could have a significant impact on how the marketing team could take greater ownership of their campaign outcomes. We used a series of workshops and interviews to understand the relationship between sales and marketing, and the needs of both parties. Then we created a set of priorities, along with the processes to make them happen. Ultimately we completely re-vamped lead management and changed how leads were handed-off between the telemarketing team to sales.


We helped this client to connect Eloqua, Salesforce and web analytics to a data warehouse, and developed Tableau dashboards and reports to give the team visibility of their customers and marketing performance. We located all the missing connections in the data and the software that was being used, and connected it in a reliable ecosystem. The next step of integration was to analyze campaigns, Eloqua activities, opportunities, and contacts to create a holistic view and analysis of marketing contribution. Neither Eloqua nor Salesforce (even if fully integrated) can produce this type of analytics. Sojourn Solutions leveraged its Data Assistant platform with direct API access to Eloqua and Salesforce to extract key data. All the data was then aggregated in a database and analyzed with Tableau.

With full access to Tableau reports and dashboards, our client now has the analytics it needs. We are already working on the next step, to include Google Analytics data into the Tableau reports in order to gain even deeper insight.

Our ethos at Sojourn Solutions is to make sure that we give our clients the tools they need to continue doing the job once we have left. In this instance, it was important for us to upskill the Shared Services Team, to enable them to service the needs of the business units, day-to-day.

They were shrewd marketers, but they were not savvy in HTML, data analytics or integration, so we showed them how to deliver the solutions we had implemented, but also gave them the knowledge to track, QA and effectively troubleshoot. Now, if a problem presents itself, they know how to find a way out.
We are masters in data management and highly skilled at teaching our clients to manage it as well.
The Sojourn Solutions team is not intimidated by data no matter the volume or complexity of the ecosystem.


The Results

Our client realized the benefits of a truly integrated ecosystem with increased marketing influence on revenue; a testament to being able to merge technology with a connected and relevant customer experience.

Sojourn Solutions is proud to have been part of the team that contributed to this Mobile Network Operator’s recognition of success as a 2016 Oracle Markie Award Finalist.

  • I’ve had the pleasure to work with Sojourn for years. They’re an essential part of my team and a trusted partner and advisor. Every Sojourn employee I’ve worked with is immensely knowledgeable, extremely competent, very helpful and really friendly. I couldn’t do without them! I would highly recommend working with Sojourn. In my opinion, they are the leaders (by far) in Marketing Automation services.

    Mike Cozens, Digital Experience Lead for Vodafone Global Enterprise