2021 MARKETING OPERATIONS REPORT: Mops increases the impact of marketing

In a global study conducted in late 2020, businesses with a marketing operations (MOPS) function significantly outperformed their peers — but why?

2021 Marketing Operations Report: MOPS Increases the Impact of Marketing


Our expectation in 2020 was that Marketing Operations provided an adaptable foundation for change in an exceptionally dynamic period.

To test the hypothesis, Econsultancy surveyed over 350 senior executives in marketing, technology, and ecommerce roles at B2B organizations in 2021 with over $165 million in revenue to see what they thought made the difference and why.

The results were clear… B2B organizations with defined MOPS were 53% more likely to have significantly outperformed their peers in H2 2020 than similar companies without the function. 

Their success relates to having superior capabilities in lead management and funnel optimization based on high quality intelligence.

This report is for companies that want to understand the impact of MOPS and those who seek to improve or expand their marketing operations functions.

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KPI's for organizations with defined marketing operations

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Outperform in lead

B2B organizations with a defined Marketing Ops function were 53% more likely to have significantly outperformed their peers in H2 2020.

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Significant insight into attribution

Companies with MOPS were 2.5 times more likely to have significant insight into attribution of how marketing actions relate to customer behavior

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Strong utilization of marketing technology

Eighty-seven percent of businesses with Marketing Ops reported that marketing technology utilization is a strength of the organization.