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empowering marketing operations improves marketing performance

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In this webinar, we look both behind and beyond the survey results brought to life in our 2021 Report. “Behind” answering the questions of “Why?” and “How?” certain B2B organizations with MOPS outperformed their peers. And “beyond” answering the question “Now what?” for organizations looking to improve their MOPS model.

Key Findings:

  • Marketing Operations helps organizations successfully adapt to new conditions
  • Organizations with MOPS outperform their peers in lead generation
  • Marketing Operations optimizes the relationship between marketing and technology.
  • MOPS organizations are getting results from their data.
  • All of marketing is elevated by the Marketing Operations function.

Takeaways?  Expert insights on the key findings above, shared customer successes, and tips on how you can empower your Marketing Operations to improve marketing performance.

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Sojourn Solutions
webinar overview

Title: Empowering Marketing Operations Improves Marketing Performance

Duration: One hour

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proving the point: kpi's from our 2021 marketing operations report

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market sectors

Organizations with defined MOPS functions were 53% more likely to have significantly outperformed their sectors in H2 2020 than similar companies without the function.

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Measurable results
from data

Organizations with MOPS are over 2X more likely to strongly agree that their data management processes increase data value and help them achieve measurable results.

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Optimize touchpoints throughout funnel

The heart of how MOPS contributes: 88% of MOPS orgs optimize from touchpoints throughout the funnel, from MQL to closed/won (vs 55% of their peers). 

webinar speakers

Stefan Tornquist

SVP Research and Learning at Econsultancy
Webinar presenter, Stefan Tornquist, manages all of Econsultancy’s research and content in North America. He is the primary author of over 100 studies exploring topics in digital marketing, technology and business transformation with partners such as Adobe, Google, IBM, Microsoft and Salesforce.

Dan Vawter

Managing Partner at Sojourn Solutions
Dan Vawter was introduced to marketing 15 years ago as a software engineer, and has enjoyed working with marketers ever since. He is dedicated to ensuring his teams' clients are successful in blending their use of marketing teams, process and martech. He's particularly passionate on the topic of marketing attribution.