Are you running at Peak Performance? Benchmark your Marketing Operations performance against your peers with our complimentary assessment.

Complimentary Peak Performance Marketing Assessment - Strengths and Weaknesses

At a glance strengths and weaknesses

With so much to do, knowing where to focus your efforts for best return is gold. This assessment will reveal at a high level where your efforts are needed and help you get started with your strategic journey.

Complimentary Peak Performance Marketing Assessment - Benchmark your Maturity

your maturity

Understanding your performance level against those of your peers will give you context and help build a compelling story for change and innovation as you create a roadmap for a new journey for growth and marketing excellence.

Six key assessment criteria


How aligned is marketing to the overall business strategy? How effectively can you manage new initiatives and change? What influence does marketing have in the business?


How well do you know your customers? Are you able to share insights to maximize the relationship throughout the customer lifecycle? Do you have a formal content operations process?


Do you have all the talent and skills, but lack the processes to drive effectiveness? Or are you running a well oiled and optimized process machine, supporting all marketing efforts?


Do you have a formal and optimized organization in place to enable Marketing Operations? Do you have the talent and skillsets you need to optimize marketing effectiveness?


Do you subscribe to new technology adhoc or do you have a formal marketing tech process for planning, selection, and implementation? How do you drive adoption of new technology?


How clearly can you see marketing effectiveness and take action to improve business results? Can you measure from first touch, to pipeline, to revenue to customer satisfaction? Can you defend your budget?

Hear it from our customers

  • We partnered with Sojourn Solutions to help us address the challenge of driving technological transformation to enable us to work smarter, including outlining processes for developing marketing campaigns, lead generation, and lead scoring across the organization. Our latest joint initiative, the automated email renewal solution, was a massive success – to the point that my CFO asked us to roll it out across our organization.

    Chad Lloyd, Director of Sales and Marketing Operations,
    Naylor Association Solutions

  • We worked with our long-time partner Sojourn Solutions to help us analyze our “opportunities for improvement,” looking to develop a plan focused on driving measurable results aligned to key business outcomes. Sojourn’s Peak Performance Strategic Framework played a critical role in our initiative, laying out where we were in terms of people, processes, and technology, and then mapping a plan for next steps.”

    Paul Stevenson, Head of Marketing Operations, O2

  • Sojourn is a very knowledgeable partner that guided us through our Eloqua-SFDC integration. With their support, we cleaned up data in both systems, established 3 lead scoring models, and developed best practices to maintain a smooth integration. Lisa remains as our primary contact assisting with questions, troubleshooting, and changes on a regular basis. Woj and Adam also continue to wow us with their coding capabilities for complex landing pages, forms, and reports.

    Carly Byron, Marketing Operations Manager

  • Progress Software, leverages Allocadia’s MPM platform to align marketing to corporate objectives, while relying on Sojourn Solutions to design and optimize high-performing system integrations and campaigns. “Bringing this all together gives Progress true marketing ROI,” said Jenn Ortiz, Director of Marketing Operations at Progress. “Additionally, Sojourn Solutions has been a key partner in our marketing operations strategy and execution.”

    Jenn Ortiz, Director of Global Marketing Operations

  • Before Email Builder, we were spending 20-30 hours building responsive templates from scratch. I love coding but I hate coding emails – there are too many variables and the process wasn’t sustainable for our team. Once we added Email Builder to our process, our build time decreased to less than 4 hours. That time-savings lets us focus more on performance, testing and results. I highly recommend Email Builder!

    Jason Cooper, Marketing Technology Manager

  • Sojourn helped us strategize, build and launch a rather complex campaign series that’s resulted in significant pipeline impact and revenue results, plus a 2017 Markie Finalist Award. Their expertise in Eloqua accelerated our launch timeline, getting our messaging into market quickly and efficiently, generating ROI within 2 months.

    Marilyn Cox, Vice President of Marketing and CRM

  • Our challenge was accessing all Eloqua data tables for export to our data warehouse to conduct analysis and reporting – not just Contact, Account and Campaign tables, but ALL activity data. Sojourn helped us setup and launch Data Assistant for our Eloqua Production and Sandbox orgs, in support of our live programs and regression testing. It’s worked very well and Sojourn has been a great partner.

    Digby Knight, IT Application Manager

  • Since 2008, Sojourn has been our go-to marketing operations strategy and support team. They most recently helped us successfully move to Marketo from Eloqua which involved many integrations and complex use cases that required solutioning. We couldn’t have done it without them.

    Melissa Thames, Head of Global Marketing Operations

  • We needed a custom web tracking solution that would allow us to go beyond simply capturing the last URL parameters in a visitor’s session before form submit. We needed to track and capture the original query string parameters through an Eloqua form submit, regardless of site navigation or even session. Damian (at Sojourn Solutions) developed exactly what we needed and supported us in launching it as well. We very much appreciate his expertise!

    Marketing Consultant

  • We couldn’t be more pleased with the results of our lead management tune-up. Sue (at Sojourn Solutions) addressed our most critical issues – not only did we increase monthly lead volume by 200 leads per month, we also decreased overall integration errors by more than half! We’re now much more confident in our lead management funnel and our overall marketing influence on revenue.

    Brian Reams, Sales & Marketing Operations Manager

  • I’ve had the pleasure to work with Sojourn for years. They’re an essential part of my team and a trusted partner and advisor. Every Sojourn employee I’ve worked with is immensely knowledgeable, extremely competent, very helpful and really friendly. I couldn’t do without them! I would highly recommend working with Sojourn. In my opinion, they are the leaders (by far) in Marketing Automation services.

    Mike Cozens, Digital Experience Lead for Vodafone Global Enterprise

  • The Sojourn team is beyond doubt the best in the business. Many have been working in marketing operations and automation for years and our team was constructed so that we ALWAYS have a senior consultant working on our business and an experienced delivery manager. They are always passionate about the project and work hand-in-hand with our team – giving us that much-needed resource expansion.

    Jenn Ortiz, Director of Marketing Operations