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Many of our clients have been experiencing problems using the responsive templates their agencies have built within Eloqua. The reason is that anything more than a word for word copy change can break it, resulting in time lost and general frustration.

We have created Email Builder to solve this issue. You don’t need HTML or CSS experience, you just need to be able to drag and drop. You can create emails from scratch or use a template – they are equally mobile responsive.

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  • Mobile view
    vs. desktop view

    Email Builder gives you the flexibility to provide different mobile and desktop experiences to your customers. You can choose to hide content or show different content in the mobile view.

  • Mobile optimization

    All devices are supported (iPhones, Android 4.4 or higher, Blackberry 6 or higher)

  • WYSIWYG editor

    Drag and drop, edit at cell level; Email Builder supports marketers who do not have coding skills. Stay on brand with a predefined brand colour palette and upload approved images.

  • Unbreakable Buttons

    Even when images are not turned on in the client, all buttons remain visible so your call to action will always be delivered.

  • Email clients

    Email builder emails retain their responsiveness across most email clients including: Outlook 2000-2016, Android vanilla email app, iPhone 4-6, iPad, Gmail, AOL,, Office 365,,, Yahoo! Mail, Thunderbird.

  • Support

    Email Builder is really intuitive to use, but we appreciate that sometimes you might need a little hand-holding. You can raise a support ticket from inside Email Builder and one of our team will respond with the answer.

If you would like more help getting all your templates set up and ready to use, then our services team can help you work out what you need and how best to execute the programmes.

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