GDPR Services for B2B Marketers

GDPR is a set of new regulations standardizing data privacy laws across the European Union (EU), which will force organizations storing and using EU citizens’ data to adopt consent-based marketing strategies or risk large fines. How large? The maximum fine for a single breach is €20 million or 4% of annual WW turnover - whichever is greater.

A key element of GDPR is that an organization shows demonstrable proof of process compliance. The deadline is May 25, 2018. From that date forward, B2B marketers will need to prove they have explicit opt-ins from their contacts to be able to continue marketing to them via email or SMS.

To read more about GDPR, check out our blog post, GDPR: What it Means for B2B Marketers.

GDPR Services Timeline

GPDR timeline
  • Audit and Plan Services

    Audit and Plan Services

    Phase1: November - December 2017

    In Phase 1, which ideally ends by the end of 2017, the focus is on auditing and planning to ensure a successful go-live. During this phase, we focus on discovery and deliverables in the areas of data and systems audit (with recommendations), subscription center design, opt-in/out process design and engaged audience reporting.

    Example to-do’s:

    • Review of existing subscription centre
    • Audit existing and list required Contact data fields
    • Plan opt-out and consent approach
  • Eloqua Training

    Implementation Services

    Phase 2: January - March 2018

    The next phase focuses on implementation of the approved approach, estimating a timeline of January 2018 through April 2018, to stay on track to GDPR’s May 25, 2018 deadline.

    Example to-do’s:

    • Define and execute data management process
    • Streamline user journey
    • Consent based campaign
  • Eloqua Best Practices Consulting

    Go-Live Readiness Services

    Phase 3: April 2018

    The third phase includes completing a checklist of actions needed before go-live in May.

    Example to-do’s:

    • Reviewing Phase 1 deliverables to ensure GDPR readiness report building for post go-live reporting & monitoring
    • Amends to any previous design or build from Phase 1
    • Gaining sign off from client legal and privacy stakeholders
  • Eloqua Reporting Support

    Support & Monitoring

    Phase 4: May 2018

    Finally, Phase 4 provides support and monitoring of changes made to systems, processes and operations. This phase includes additional help as needed.

    Example to-do’s:

    • Breach monitoring – sync of data, communication to non-consented contacts, etc...
    • Twice weekly reporting and analysis to client stakeholders

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