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As marketing organizations evolve, they often find themselves in need of expert guides to help drive growth in their application of marketing automation technologies. It's one thing to reach the summit, but how long has it been since your organization has blazed new trails?

Sojourn Solutions' certified Marketo consultants have the deep marketing automation knowledge and experience your organization needs to reach new peaks in terms of measurable marketing impact. As a partner within the Marketing Nation, we help you by developing proven, data-driven solutions to help you connect with your customers.

  • Eloqua Implementation Services

    Marketo Implementation Services

    Needing to implement Marketo? Our certified consultants will guide you through a seamless experience as we have other successful Marketo implementations.

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  • Eloqua Training

    Marketo Training

    If you’re new to Marketo – or feel like it’s time for a refresher – our expert training consultants will deliver the training you need. Our approach is proven – tell, show, do.

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  • Eloqua Integration

    Marketo Integration

    Our integration experts will connect your Marketo/SFDC platforms – or other CRM - so they're aligned and scaled to meet the needs of your business. Custom integrations are also available.

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  • Eloqua Data Management

    Marketo Data Management

    Great results require great data. Our expert data services include: benchmarking, standardization, appending, contact to account matching and integration tune-ups.

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  • Eloqua Best Practices Consulting

    Marketo Best Practices Consulting

    We are marketing operations experts and have experience working hand-in-hand with organizations to ensure that marketing is delivering value back into the broader business.

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  • Eloqua Reporting Support

    Marketo Reporting Support

    Working without a roadmap is hard. Our report-building experts help you focus on metrics that support your KPIs and deliver a clear view of marketing performance.

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  • Eloqua Sales Enablement

    Marketo Sales Enablement

    Help sales close more deals by providing a complete view of motivations, behavior and activity. We’ll guide you to the right Marketo tools - Lead Scoring and other sales intelligence tools.

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  • Campaign Execution Support

    Marketo Campaign Execution Support

    From simple direct email campaigns to complex persona-driven nurture, we can help your teams set up campaign templates and optimize Marketo for success.

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  • Eloqua Development Support

    Marketo Development Support

    Sojourn developers can deliver Marketo emails, landing pages, websites and animations that are responsive and optimized for any device. Mobile app and CMS support are also available.

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Strength in partnership

It’s with genuine insight and intuition that our team of certified consultants at Sojourn Solutions guide our customers to take absolute advantage of the wealth of capabilities within Marketo.

We are committed to our relationship with Marketo and ensuring our teams work in concert to deliver the best outcomes for our clients.


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