As the demand on marketing operations teams increase in both complexity and volume, Sojourn Solutions has developed a unique blend of services and skillsets to release the pressure points, ensuring your programs are in market and driving demand into your pipeline.

We think of our core service - Consulting, Training and Development - as three archetypes: Master, Mentor and Maker. It helps us to quickly determine the most useful and practical approach to a problem and deploy the right skills to the task.

Our Implementation Services are a blend of all three archetypes, balanced to deliver the right blend of skills based on the complexity and timeframe of the implementation to deliver
a predictable outcome.

  • Master


    The expert consultants that can strategize, plan and architect the programs that are going to make a difference, solve a problem and move your forward.

  • Mentor


    We work within your team - making sure your team’s skills are developed to ‘run’ the programs and understand how to evaluate success and iterate.

  • Maker


    Our project management and technical skillset mean we can run programs for you, or simply get you set up so you can run them yourself.

Consulting services : Master

Our consulting team are experts in marketing operations and have experience of working hand-in-hand with organizations to optimize processes and ensure that marketing is delivering value back into the broader business.

We align our output to 4 strategic pillars as identified by SiriusDecisions:

Planning Infrastructure Enablement Accountability
Strategy Roadmap Organization alignment Measurement of KPIs
Program design Data strategy Process design & managementSkills development Reporting infrastructure
Campaign planning Tech implementation Administration &
campaign management

Training Services : Mentor

We believe repeatable long–term success is dependent upon the skillsets available on the ground in a client organization to maintain process change and technology. We work with you to determine what resources are required and where the skillsets sit within the organization, if at all.

We are inclusive in our approach and make ourselves available to support your team as if we were sitting next to them.

As part of the consulting process we assess people and process needs in hand with the strategy and roadmap.

Development and Execution : Maker

Not only do we advise you on what to do, but we can step in and do it for you too. So, if you want to stop talking about getting your data sorted – we can benchmark it and then create a plan to clean it, and execute that plan.

Our team of web developers are marketing automation ninjas. Their mission is to support your team by setting up templates and assets to support the project and advising your team how to implement new processes. If your team is short on time, our team can step in and work within your MAP / CRM instances as an extension to your team.

Implementation Services

Whatever the size of your business, we have a predictable Eloqua implementation plan to suit your needs. Whether you're migrating to Eloqua from another platform or starting for the first time with marketing automation, we will guide you as we've led hundreds of successful Eloqua implementations.

Below are our most popular Eloqua implementation plans. Should you require any additional services that are not currently in the scope of these plans or require a higher volume of the same services, we can provide a customized plan to meet your exact needs.

Standard Implementation

For small to medium-sized companies in need of a basic, fast implementation.


Advanced Implementation

For small to medium-sized companies in need of a basic, fast implementation but with lead scoring and IP Warming.


Ultimate Implementation

For complex organizations with multiple business units and requiring integration with existing infrastructure.


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