Global marketing organizations are improving performance

  • Event Management

    Increased registration and attendance while reducing costs


    Increase in attendance

    Expert planning, data analytics, and budgeting

  • Revenue Attribution

    Implemented multiple attribution models


    Increase in Google Ads performance

    Top of funnel First-Touch model

  • Effectiveness

    Driving more campaigns with less resources


    Campaigns launched

    Sojourn’s Marketo Expertise

  • Data Management

    Improved email marketing segmentation and personalization


    Increase in quality leads

    New Contact Washing Machine and Area of Interest Solution

  • Efficiency

    More time to optimize and innovate

    3000 hours

    Time and Cost-Savings

    Standardize key Eloqua assets to reduce workload

Peak Performance Marketing Framework

Teaming up with Sojourn means that B2B marketing organizations can plan strategically, execute with purpose, and measure performance.

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Challenge Analysis. What’s the real need?
Health Checks & Audits. Finding the start.
Micro-Strategies. The Journeys within the journey.
Managing Change. Smoothing the path.
Measurement. Understand the peaks in your performance.
Complimentary Peak Performance Marketing Assessment

Discover how Progress Software brought together disparate data and significantly improved their marketing performance.

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