how mature is your Marketing Operations?

First, we walk you through our complimentary Marketing Operations Assessment to help you benchmark performance. Next, we guide you through the results and recommendations to optimize your Marketing Operations roadmap. 

At a glance strengths and weaknesses

With so much to do, knowing where to focus your efforts for best return is gold. This assessment will reveal at a high level where your efforts are needed and help you get started with your strategic journey.

Benchmark your maturity

Understanding your performance level against those of your peers will give you context and help build a compelling story for change and innovation as you create a roadmap for a new journey for growth and marketing excellence.

Six key assessment criteria

Sales-Marketing Alignment

Are Sales & Marketing on the same page regarding target audiences, sales-ready leads, scoring and nurturing, full-funnel management, and service level agreements? 


Do you have the data you need – in the right condition – at your fingertips to most effectively segment, message, and analyze your program results? 


Do you have all the talent and skills, but lack the processes to drive effectiveness? Or are you running a well-oiled and optimized process machine, supporting all marketing efforts?


Do you have a formal and optimized organization in place to enable Marketing Operations? Do you have the talent and skillsets you need to optimize marketing effectiveness?


Do you subscribe to new technology adhoc or do you have a formal marketing tech process for planning, selection, and implementation? How do you drive adoption of new technology?


How clearly can you see marketing effectiveness and take action to improve business results? Can you measure from first touch, to pipeline, to revenue to customer satisfaction? Can you defend your budget?

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