Web and App Development Services

Do you need responsive emails and/or landing pages? Check. Perhaps you need an app to help manage your renewal programs? Check. What about that new website you’ve been trying to setup and report on for months now? Check. Services include, but are not limited to:

Email and Landing Page Services

Front-end development HTML5/CSS/Javascript, responsive design

HTML email development, including Litmus® testing

Custom Services

Back-end programming: Java, .NET, PHP, custom applications, APIs, cloud connectors

Mobile apps: iOS, Android

Web Services

CMS setup, custom plugins development (Wordpress, Umbraco)

Web server management: Linux, Windows IIS, AWS, Azure

Web design, animations 2D and 3D

Increased marketing effectiveness measurement by 33%!

Developed custom Tableau reports accelerating the optimization of critical programs by automating key processes…

Reduced manual entry of project work queue items by 50%!

Built integration between Jira and Adobe Marketing Cloud to streamline project queue entries for teams…

Improved subscription renewals across the business by 28%!

Created a custom app to integrate and fully automated a previously semi-manual, silo’ed experience…

Measurably improved user experience and increased operational effectiveness

Developed, tested and rolled out JavaScript injected forms to gate and localize web content to create a connected journey and enhance the user experience.

75% savings in campaign migration costs

Developed a custom campaign migration app to programmatically support moving hundreds of campaigns and thousands of assets to Marketo.

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Hear it from our customers

  • We needed a custom web tracking solution that would allow us to go beyond simply capturing the last URL parameters in a visitor’s session before form submit. We needed to track and capture the original query string parameters through an Eloqua form submit, regardless of site navigation or even session. Damian (at Sojourn Solutions) developed exactly what we needed and supported us in launching it as well. We very much appreciate his expertise!

    Marketing Consultant