Optimized marketing operations delivers processes that reflect your business and that are interconnected by data and technology – Marketing Automation, analytics, reporting and CRM.

At Sojourn we like to get upstream of the problems we are tasked with solving or the solutions that we are creating. Being upstream simply changes the perspective and gives a clearer view of cause and effect.


Poor data quality is endemic. The average organization estimates that 22% of all its contact data is inaccurate in some way and equates to 12% loss in revenue.* The idea of ‘sorting out the data problem’ can feel overwhelming and despite a never ending cycle of conversations, often gets neglected. The good thing is: We love data. And we know how amazing and transformative complete and accurate data can be.

Your journey to better B2B data, better bottom-line results.

Sojourn Solutions Peak Performance Data-Driven B2B Marketing is a comprehensive data program to help you get your data in shape so you can target and nurture customers better.

Know your buyer

Upgrade your database

Fine-tune your nurturing


Know your buyer

  • Identify your best customers
  • Define your segments
  • Identify your influencers and decision makers
  • Identify your most effective content by persona and stage
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Upgrade your database

  • Benchmark your marketing database
  • Automated data standardization
  • Data appends
  • Contact to account matching
  • Integration tune-up
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Fine-tune your nurturing

  • Identify your nurturing gaps
  • Align your nurtures with your segmentation strategy
  • Update touch points using buyer engagement analysis
  • Ensure no over or under communication
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  • Design/align metrics with goals and marketing strategies
  • MAP/CRM reporting configuration
  • External reporting setup and automation
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Marketing technology is in our DNA – we grew up with CRM and Marketing Automation Platforms (MAP). Everything we do takes the technology into consideration. We look for solutions that simplify, are repeatable and deliver benefit to you and your audiences.

Getting more value from your Eloqua & OMC platform

Sojourn will help you to realise greater value from your Eloqua and OMC platform modules and skill up your internal team so they can continue to execute campaigns that maximise the power of the platform.

Starting over or starting from scratch

If you are reconsidering your platform choice, or starting out with a clean slate we can help assess your needs from the perspective of the customer journey, your internal KPIs, integration with other platforms/tools, technology and user experience.


Salesforce and Marketing Automation integration is a given but many organizations struggle to really benefit from the power of integration. We believe this is true because many organizations come at it from a technical viewpoint – plug it in and expect miracles.

Our approach is a process of discovery, planning and process optimization to ensure the data is captured accurately, the processes and lead flow are consistent and all users have a clear understanding.

Custom Web/Mobile Apps

Sojourn developers are hard coded for marketing automation – delivering email, landing pages, websites and animations that are responsive and optimized for any device.

Services include, but not limited to:

  • Front-end development HTML5/CSS/Javascript, responsive design
  • Back-end programming: Java,.NET,PHP, custom applications, APIs, cloud connectors
  • Mobile apps: iOS, Android
  • Web server management: Linux, Windows IIS, AWS, Azure
  • Web design, animations 2D and 3D
  • HTML email development, including Litmus® testing
  • CMS setup, custom plugins development (Wordpress, Umbraco)

Hands on Eloqua Support

Your team doesn’t need to know and do everything all of the time. We can supplement your team with heads and hands that are experts at getting into the nuts and bolts of the Eloqua platform.

Lead Management

There is no such thing as ‘simple’ or ‘standard’ when it comes to lead management processes. As easy as you may want it to be, it never is.

Our approach is customized based on your data, business processes, priorities and your team's knowledge. An effective lead management process – from first interaction, to purchase and beyond – creates a better experience for your customers as well as making marketing and sales more efficient and cost effective. We help you get more out of your tools by helping you progressively collect data, then leverage that data from each touch point of the customer journey.

Sojourn Solutions can help you with:

  • Lead Nurture & Scoring
  • Integration
  • Funnel Optimization


Great reporting maps the terrain and provides the evidence required to evaluate the experience and outcomes.

If you are working without a roadmap, limited planning and analysis then this isn’t sustainable. Luck will only get you so far.

Out of the box marketing automation reporting won’t cut it. You will get some analysis, but not the full picture.

Great reporting focuses on metrics that support your KPIs and deliver a clear view of marketing performance.

We can help you plan your reporting needs for:

  • Marketing Attribution
  • Funnel Measurement
  • Performance Reporting
  • Analysis and roadmap planning

Demand Center Creation

Centralized or decentralized, demand centers are faced with ever increasing complexity as data sources and tools grow exponentially.

This means your resources need to be trained to get the most out of the tools and technology. A common problem across many demand centers is that there is an expectation that an existing team member can incorporate these tools and tech platforms into their day-to-day roles.

Without appropriate training or mentoring, only the most basic functionality is ever used – because often users are time poor and lack technical know-how to work it out for themselves.

We have deep marketing, process and technical know-how that we love to share. We can help assign resources and skills based on the tools and provide you with training and mentoring to help your team get more from your tech investments.

  • Training
  • Resource alignment
  • Process optimization

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